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The Best Contractor Website

Many home service contractors feel frustrated because they’re not getting the number of leads they want. For others, it’s a much more serious problem: They don’t have enough leads to keep their business afloat and are in jeopardy of failing.

A lot of contractors are making a big mistake by putting all their website emphasis on sales and lead generation with no focus on customer retention or loyalty.

The solution to this problem isn’t just to get more people to come into your site; it’s also about keeping them there long enough for you to convert them into paying customers.

With that goal in mind, we created this Best Contractor Website live demo so our clients can experience an awesome website that keeps visitors engaged from start-to-finish and converts them into paying customers who will continue coming back again and again!

“It just works better…”

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GunnarGreetings. My name is Brandon Ward and I am a co-founder of Super Landing Pages. I cut my teeth selling leads to Home Advisor (who turned around and resold them to biz owners like you) and created thousands of high end marketing websites with Yellow Pages Websites and under my own agencies.

I am personally responsible for millions of dollars worth of lead generation and I am very confident I can help you with your new marketing website.

Now before I show you the live demo I want to point out something.

Besides a really killer kickass design that is proven to outperform practically anything out there, there is ONE element to our landing pages that makes them rise to the top. 

So what is it?


The typical landing page has a FORM. And it causes them to suck.


Because a FORM always asks a complete stranger for their personal information upfront. 
Newsflash: that turns a LOT of your visitors away. 

Surveys, on the other hand, start out “lobbing softballs”.

They ask a few easy and non threatening multiple choice questions that not only qualify (or disqualify) your visitor, but do so in an easy going manner that will get them to engage.

Also known as Micro Commitments, these non personal questions get your visitors to take action, so once they do get to the more personal questions (like name, phone, email, etc) they are 80% more likely to answer them!

It’s basically the law of physics that states an object at rest tends to stay at rest (your visitor when they first open your site).

But… an object in MOTION tends to stay in motion!

Getting them to take that first motion is key.

The other factor is the avatar. A cartoon character that looks like she was cast in a Pixar Disney feature is used to both get people to click “play” and to follow her commands!

Works like a charm and is also included with every site we make. 

Now take a look…

Why Is This The BEST Contractor Website?